BushSoftware is a simple website designed to host applications written for interest, fun and money by myself, Andrew Bush. All software available from here was designed, developed and loved by same.
My Resume/CV (PDF)

Personal Details
Name: Andrew Bush
Contact Details:
30 Wingfield Place, Wellington
Home Phone: (04) 478 2771
Email: andrew@bushsoftware.com

References available on request

I am a contract software developer with experience in a wide range of languages and platforms. In particular, I am comfortable in C++, C, Objective C, Java, applescript, javascript, php and SQL, Ruby, Ruby On Rails and perl using XCode, Codewarrior, Eclipse or any decent text editor.

As a contract developer, I have learnt to take over projects from other people and come up to speed on them quickly and without fuss. I can work effectively as part of an online team of developers. I have experience in meeting with clients and helping them work through the systems review and requirements analysis required before development can begin and enjoy working through iterative design processes with clients to achieve their goals.

I am a good communicator and can get along with nearly anyone. I also have experience in helping users learn new systems and develop the ability to manage computer oriented tasks.

As a software contractor I have learnt to work effectively with clients based in the US, Europe and Britain. I have also learnt to manage my time efficiently and I've had a very thorough grounding in the direct relationship between time and money. I've had to understand and handle contracts, invoicing, payment, tax issues and secret-squirrel NDAs in a professional manner.

Current Employment

Working in an agile environment as a Senior developer at the Open Polytechnic working primarily with PHP (SilverStripe cms), Javascript/HTML, SQL, Eclipse and git for source control.

Recently I successfully participated in the CDC Hi Tech Launch program as the Senior Systems Developer for http://www.patchsystems.co.nz. It is a 14 week intensive course that covers presentation skills, strategic planning, business planning, operations management, project management, relationship marketing, IP protection and other related topics.

Work History

  • SENIOR DEVELOPER, OPEN POLYTECHNIC, Wellington, NZ ― 2010 - 2011

    Senior Developer for New Zealand's primary distance education provider.

    Working in an agile environment as a Senior developer working primarily with PHP (SilverStripe cms), Javascript/HTML, SQL, Eclipse and git for source control.

    Unit testing is done using a combination of cruse control and selenium.

    Working as a part of a team we have successfully delivered an aggressive schedule of releases to the Open Polytechnic website.

    The Production House, Patch Systems,ClickPrint, Patch Print,PatchPro


    Print Management and E-Commerce web site for New Zealand's largest online printing company. Manages the entire process from the creation of the order by the customer to its delivery to their front door. The system provides a nation wide system for multiple print suppliers and other partners to bid on jobs from across New Zealand and enables the successful bidder to manage and track the status of the order as it flows through their system. With a wide network of both wholesale and retail clients The Production House is the largest online print store in New Zealand. I worked on all aspects from web front end to database.

    I had been the primary developer for the Patch Systems software since it was created, working on both their in house desktop software and the back and front ends of their online websites. I was project manager and senior developer for Patch Systems. After evaluating the package for the purposes of providing a capital valuation of the software involved, Peter Cummins of the DataSouth Group had this to say:
    "In reviewing the Patch Pro system we were very impressed by the quality and functionality of the product (...) the system provides a design and print solution with an associated web presence that allows printing services to be sold online (...) the software also has an extensive range of backend services that support the platform."

    The Production House, Patch Systems,ClickPrint, Patch Print,PatchPro


    Contract iPhone development, in house iPhone Applications, Java Game development, Java Tools framework development. Primary iPhone author for 6 released titles. Consistent on-time and on budget delivery of contract software. Worked across 18 time zones to effectively meet aggressive deadlines.

    Delivered an iPhone app that achieved #1 in the UK Kids and Games categories of the iTunes App store. ( http://www.npcunlimited.com/games/bouncyball/bouncyball.html )



    In partnership with an artist successfully released three iPhone applications for sale in 8 months. All with 3/5 star customer ratings or better.


    Contract software development. I delivered a wide range of services using a variety of tools chosen to meet the needs of customers from a range of countries including New Zealand, America, Britain and Europe.
    Bush Software


    Cross platform application for delivering training videos from the web or on the desktop, with testing and searching capabilities. A key server application to track and control the network use of limited licenses.


    Released two major and 5 minor versions of a Napster clone for the Macintosh. Took project over at a critical stage of growth where Database became a central technology. Re-architected socket communications, and dozens of other critical improvements. Was central reason for increase in product sales during this period.


    Filemaker Pro database development for an application that interfaces to the online BNZ system for batch processing of payments from offsite locations. Also various other filemaker solutions.


    CDC Hi Tech Launch Program 14 week intensive course: presentations skills, strategic planning, business planning, operations management, relationship marketing, and IP Protection. Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ ― Computer Science, 3 Classes from Degree

  • Bachelor of Information Sciences (3 papers remaining) Massey University extramural study. A average.
    Papers Include:
    • Information Systems Analysis
    • Programming Fundamentals
    • Linear Programming
    • Writing - Theory and Practice
    • Introductory Sociology
    • Principles of Microeconomics
    • Principles of Macroeconomics
    • Introduction to Business Law
    • Probability in Decision Science
    • Introduction to Operations Research
    • Methods of Mathematics
    • Algebra and Geometry
    • Introductory Calculus
    • Fundamentals of Mathematics
    • Calculus
    • Applied Linear Algebra
    • Principles of Statistics
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Methods of Mathematical Physics
    • Differential Equations
    • Geometry
    • Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Optimization



  • A simple blow-up-the-planet style game written for the iPhone using the objective-C framework Cocos2D, and the iPhone SDK iMPACT
  • A quirky aquarium-type game for the iPhone using Cocos2D, iPond
  • A unique, visually attractive game for the iPhone featuring sound tracks from two internationally renowned artists, RAVE, currently under review by Apple. Screenshots available at: http://www.bigbeardgames.com/rave/
  • An easy to use and effective affirmations-style Phone application, Affirmations, using the iPhone SDK and flexible UIVIew nib management.
  • An fun iPhone application for building the Confidence of the user, Confidence.
  • An entertaining game bouncing ball game for the iPhone, Bouncy Ball.
  • A very simple ladybug chasing game for children, LadyAway.


  • A cross platform, open source, java based font image generator for converting text with a specified size, colour, transparency and font into individual letter images for easy use within 2d game screens.

Mac OS X/Objective C

  • A funky 3D spinning picture cube, written in objective-C against the cocoa libraries and utilising the openGL api for Mac OS X. PicCube
  • A full-featured Time Tracker to ensure good working practices, that allows easy tracking of the documents you have had open within any application with zero data entry required, written in objective-C and utilising CoreData for Mac OS X. TaskTrack
  • A fun application, chosen as a Staff Pick by Apple Software that allows you to download and play your favorite flash games from your desktop or easily share them with other users, witten in objective C and using the WebKit api. iDistract

Websites/Online work

I am comfortable with DHTML and AJAX style techniques using CSS, Javascript and HTML to dynamically update webpages without requiring a total reload of the pages in question.

My preferred language for web based work depends on the requirements and size of the task at hand, but in general I enjoy and trust php, I also have experience in a range of others including perl, ruby, python and coldfusion.

My skills lie in systems design and programming, and not in graphic design. I am, however, experienced in using HTML and CSS to create a designed layout or to build a web interface from scratch.

  • New Zealands largest online print store, The Production House and associated resellers such as ClickPrint and PatchPrint amongst others.
  • BigBeardGames, a simple but funky website created to market games created in partnership between myself and Activate Design, A boutique creative graphic design and marketing company in Christchurch.
  • A visual task management and 'to do' list, written in OO-style php 5 that makes heavy use of the prototype javascript library. It is designed to allow visual grouping of tasks, and easy filing and manipulation of them to aid in managing your life. SharpDo
  • A website for providing easy purchasing of good, local, food. It is written using Ruby On Rails, a ruby based web library that has some good things about it, and a few bad. This is in serious alpha at the moment. LocalFood

Other stuff

  • A stand alone full-featured text editor based on the C WASTE text engine, designed to integrate closely with a database for a large print & advertising company to allow easy editing, storage, retrieval and management of ads and articles within their existing system.
  • A P2P client designed to work within the napster protocoal and work with napster servers to allow easy search and download of available songs and movies, Drumbeat.
  • A REALBasic, cross platform, full featured workflow, customer management solution for managing websites, tracking orders, generating pdfs from freehand, photoshop and other filetypes, managing affiliates, resellers and commission agents, distributing print work to suppliers, managing product lists, delivering or printing email or brochures for client lists and LOTS more, PatchPro.
  • A cross platform application to allow training videos to be downloaded from the web or loaded from a cd and viewed on your desktop, also allowing knowledge testing and easy searching. VTC Player
  • A Filemaker based application to interface with the online BNZ banking system to allow batch processing of payments from offsite locations
  • A Filemaker based order and job tracking system for a company selling and repairing computer parts.
  • A cross platform REALbasic plugin utilising a specialised math library written in C to provide theoretical exploration of the solutions of certain types of calculus problems.
  • A cross platform KeyServer application designed to manage, track and if necessary limit the use of a client application within a company LAN or WAN and deliver keys as requested to allow full use of the client application within the limits of the keys made available to each company.
  • A cross platform application to allow the creation and delivery of encrypted xml based documents to test and mark the user on their knowledge of selected subjects, it was designed to allow each user to sit the test and to then encrypt the results to avoid tampering and deliver them back to a central server.
Other projects I have done some work for:
  • A cross platform, open source java framework called for making 2D games Sprite2D
  • A cross platform, specialised, customised version of a REALbasic plugin (written in c++) to manage large numbers of internet socket connections with dynamic DNS resolution in an efficient fashion from within REALbasic.
  • A Ruby On Rails web application designed to facilitate the easy creation of online orders for local food suppliers (in progress).
  • Provided ideas, help and support for the provision of training DVDs streamed across a company LAN using the VLS streaming server and the VLC media player. http://www.videolan.org/ .